What is a solid shampoo?

Hemp Solid Shampoo Bar

I have we been making solid shampoo bars for a 6 years already, but I still hear a lot of questions from both existing customers and those who hear about solid shampoo for the first time including the following ones:

  • What it is?
  • How to apply?
  • How many of it do you need (dosage)?

I will try to answer all and many other questions in this article.

Let’s start with the most important thing.

What is solid shampoo?

For our country as well as the entire Russian-speaking space, the notion of “solid shampoo” is still a wonder. Some continue to confuse it with such concepts as “dry shampoo”, “wet shampoo”). Yet in the US, England, a notion of solid shampoo bar is already formed probably due to a more established demand.

Why do I need a solid shampoo?

In fact, a solid shampoo bar helps solve the main problem of humanity, that is, effects of pollution from a plastic packaging and a mere lack of an environmentally friendly or harmless packaging. Just imagine how many empty plastic shampoo jars are thrown into the landfill every minute?! And the saddest thing, they don’t always go with the subsequent processing or disposal.

So what to do we do? Of course, people must invent more environmentally neutral stuff as well as  improve a quality and accessibility of handmade natural cosmetics, which is directly related to the use of organic products as well as avoiding of unnecessary plastic packaging.

The solid shampoo simply does not need a hermetic plastic bottle and, importantly, the components of the shampoo would itself easily decompose in nature in 3 days! And they do not cause this terrible reproduction of algae in rivers and lakes, as well as the death of fish and living organisms. So it is clear that solid shampoo is primarily about helping to build a more sustainable environmental conditions.

The solid shampoo does not contain water, which means that no preservatives should be added to its composition. Shampoo without preservatives ?, — you may ask. Exactly, quite right! Solid shampoo does not contain preservatives. Neither of natural nor non-natural origin. For the manufacturer it brings in an advantage of cost-cutting, since safe preservatives, for example, ECOCERT certified, cost a lot and, which impacts a selling price too.

Why is it not necessary to add preservatives to solid shampoo? If the shampoo is prepared properly, it continues to live and wash off all its life, i.e. it is a ‘live’ shampoo, and the proper technology of creation is called a cold production method.

‘Live’ shampoo provides for the interaction and a progressive transformation of the components of the shampoo during the entire period of curing (maturation) as well as life of a solid shampoo. A solid shampoo can be lawfully called ‘alive’ as natural or organic-origin components would interact with each other, adding up to the quality of the product.

How to make the those components interact with each other? Prepare shampoo from scratch and according to the proper non-temperature processing, that is, in a cold way. This method does not provide heating, saves natural resources, does not consume gas or electricity, yet, requires a decent aging, that is, patience. Basically, for the shampoo to be called solid, you need at least 1 month. A good shampoo is the one that is aged for 6 months or more.

Of course, there are costs for storing soap, for example, if you have rented a room, then these costs are priced in and are borne by the customers. It is more or less the same with cheese or wine. Everything matured is quite expensive, yet, its becomes unique and is self-improving the way!


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