Handmade Mint Soap


Whom is it for, this sort of handmade soap? It is not only for those who love the refreshing scent of mint, but also for everyone who wants to have snow-white, bouncy and toned face and body skin! Freshly squeezed orange juice will bring radiance and youth to your skin, and mint will give it vigor and energy!



Mint is present in a dry powder form, and this soap has a lot of it! Mint scent will reveal itself when lathering, and you will fall in love with this gentle, discreet, delicate aroma. When using soap in shower, you will observe how the water becomes slightly green, which indicates the soap’s natural composition.


Vegetable oils

  • coconut oil,
  • refined cacao oil,
  • refined soybean oil,
  • refined cacao butter.

Oils produced in-house via cold pressing

  • mustard oil,
  • camelina oil.


3% unrefined Shea butter (Ghana).

Other ingredients

  • wild crafted dried mint,
  • orange juice,
  • in-house produced peanut milk,
  • natural silk.


Strong fresh rich aroma of peppermint. The intensity also depends on the maturing time of the soap.


Yellow-green, symmetrical bar: one half of the soap is green with a hint of yellow, and the other is yellow with a hint of green.

Skin sensations

Excellent cleansing, leaving delicate mint aroma on your hands. Antiseptic and cooling effect on the skin.

Directions of use

For everyday use. Suitable for all skin types. Universal soap for washing hands and for taking a shower.

Net weight: 100 grams / 3.5 OZ


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