Dishwashing Mustard Soap


This vegetable Mustard soap bar is a great help with washing dishes, disinfecting the kitchen and cleaning the house. Washing dishes with Mustard soap makes this house chore a true pleasure. The soap’s special chemical composition and physical properties allow you to achieve 100% cleanness, kill bacteria and leave no traces on the dishes.



Important: this soap does not leave any substances on the kids’ crockery and other dishes. It does not have any side effects potentially dangerous for human health!

It really kills bacteria! It does not have an abrasive effect – means it is safe for delicate kitchen surfaces or dishes!

You won’t see mountains of lather! You can rinse the lather off the surface in no time, and there will be no marks, no residue, just clean shiny surface!

Mustard soap is also suitable for hand washing.

It Super-hard and economical!


Vegetable oils

  • refined coconut oil
  • sunflower oil cold pressed

Superfat: 0% – 0.5%.


ground mustard, fresh pressed lemon juice, baking powder (bicarb).

Direction of use

Suitable for washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, hand washing, as well as for other types of household cleaning. Odorless. It’s a salvation for people with allergies.

Odor: neutral.

NO heat treatment!

Net weight: 100 grams / 3.5 OZ


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