Handmade Strawberry Soap


What a gem! This what you think when holding this soap in hands for the first time. It has a pleasant sweet strawberry scent. Made with both fresh and dried organic strawberries. Your skin will appreciate this strawberry soap bar, because it has a very rich oil composition.



You must try it –  it will be a real vitamin bomb for your skin. This 100% Vegan soap contains luxurious ingredients such as sesame and peanut milk. The soap has a very delicate scrubbing effect. After a single use you will instantly see that your skin became brighter, smoother, refreshed.


Vegetable oils

  • refined coconut oil,
  • organic sunflower oil,
  • unrefined cacao oil.

Oils produced in-house via cold pressing

  • poppy seeds oil,
  • hemp oil,
  • pumpkin seed oil,
  • safflower seed oil.


3% unrefined Shea butter (Ghana).

Other ingredients

  • organic fresh strawberries,
  • organic dried strawberries
  • in-house produced peanut milk,
  • in-house produced sesame milk
  • sesame,
  • peanut,
  • natural silk.


Light strawberry aroma.


Marble, copper, in contact with water becomes hot pink.

Skin sensations

The soap moisturizes, nourishes, lightens, infuses skin with vitamins.

Direction of use

The soap is suitable for face-washing and preparing skin for cream and tonic application. It opens every skin pore, enabling it to breathe and absorb useful vitamins and minerals. It has a very gentle scrub effect and helps protect skin from hyperkeratosis, i.e. thickening of the outermost layer of epidermis. The acids contained in the soap make your skin brighter and level out tone. Vitamins help restore dry, saggy and tired skin.



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