Handmade Sea Buckthorn Soap


This natural soap is ideal for taking care of both face and body. It heals acne spots, redness, age spots, as well as seasonal rashes. Sea Buckthorn Soap does not dry the skin.



In summer, it moisturizes perfectly, so you don’t have to apply cream or oil to your face after washing. This soap leaves skin fresh and tight. Sea buckthorn soap is also called feminine soap, because it is very efficient in taking care of face, and can be used in intimate hygiene. It fills skin with its nutritional components, removes dirt and fights bacteria.

This time we infused our Handmade Sea Buckthorn Soap with crushed sea buckthorn pit oil. The pit is rich with essential oils and valuable vitamins, and this is what helped making a very effective anti-cellulite soap. Use it in the shower, massaging problematic areas. It can pinch a little, so do not keep this soap in direct contact with your skin for too long. It is not as lathery as other types of soap we produce. This is due to its natural sea buckthorn properties. Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins and acids, thereby inhibiting the alkaline reaction and making the soap more acidic with a pH of about 3-4.


Vegetable oils

  • refined coconut oil,
  • refined cacao oil,
  • refined soybean oil,
  • grape seed oil,
  • rape seed oi.

Oils produced in-house via cold pressing

  • camelina seed oil.


3% unrefined Shea butter (Ghana).

Other ingredients

  • fresh sea buckthorn with stones,
  • in-house produced peanut milk,
  • dried ginger
  • freshly ground cinnamon,
  • natural silk.


Light spicy aroma.


Brown and copper marble, in contact with water becomes monochromatic brown.

Skin sensations

This soap does not produce too much lather. It has a strong abrasive effect, efficiently cleanses skin from dead cells, making it young and fresh.


Comes in a soft package with a sticker in the center.

Direction of use

Suitable for daily body care routine. Ideal for washing face, but also good as an anti-cellulite soap or soap scrub. Works well against acne and cellulite. This bar soap helps to keep your skin young.


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