Handmade Pineapple Soap


Pineapple is a luxurious and bright component in skincare products. It was rather difficult to introduce pineapple into the composition of organic soap but finally, we succeeded! Why use fresh pulp in this beautiful Pineapple Soap? The thing is that pineapple pulp is so beneficial for the skin that it is simply impossible to pass by these juicy, full of flavour pineapples.



A unique component of pineapple called bromelain has anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects, helps the rapid breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. After using organic pineapple soap, you will immediately feel the freshness and lightness of your skin. It renews the stratum corneum, the top most layer of the epidermis, improves the exfoliation of old cells, helps the skin to stay hydrated and tightened. Pineapple soap is the real fountain of youth for your skin.

Also in our assortment you will find Pineapple Facial Washing Gel, which has an instant moisturizing, skin-lightening and antiseptic effect.


Vegetable oils

  • refined coconut oil,
  • refined cacao oil,
  • refined soybean oil.

Oils produced in-house via cold pressing

  • mustard seeds oil,
  • poppy seeds oil.


5% unrefined Shea butter (Ghana).

Other ingredients

  • the flesh of fresh pineapple
  • in-house produced poppy and peanut milk,
  • wild crafted and in-house dried oregano,
  • composition of essential oils.
  • natural silk.


Pleasant citrus aroma.


Pale yellow with blue spots. In contact with water, it comes to life and gives a transparent lemony tint.

Skin sensations

Super moisturizing, nutrition, recovery. The result is similar to alginate mask effect. Super lathering. Light scrub effect is barely noticeable.

Direction of use

Facial wash. Especially beneficial for mature, dry and sagging skin. For all skin types.


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