Handmade Coniferous Soap


Natural vegetable soap produced from young shoots of pine trees, which delivers fantastic health-improving, antiseptic, rejuvenating effect to your body!



Natural fresh shoots of forest pine gently cleanse the skin. Due to its special active components, the pine has a beneficial relaxing effect not only on the skin, but also on the whole body. It has valuable medicinal properties.

This sort of natural handmade soap fits in the following categories: soap scrub bar, loofah soap bar, exfoliating soap bar.

Who should use natural pine needles soap, and what it would work for? It can be used for face and body massage, while taking a shower, for getting rid of cellulite and skin stretch marks, for carrying out SPA procedures, for rejuvenating the body.

To recap, Handmade Coniferous Bar soap fights against cellulite, stretch marks, makes skin softer and brighter. Use it while showering, lathering a bath sponge with it, or use the soap directly on the body. Before use, let it soften a little under the steam.


Vegetable oils

  • refined coconut oil,
  • refined shea oil,
  • unrefined cacao oil,
  • organic sunflower oil,
  • unrefined mustard seeds oil.


5% in-house produced poppy seeds oil.

Other ingredients

  • young shoots of pine trees,
  • spices: cinnamon, star anise, cloves,
  • tangerine freshly squeezed juice,
  • ginger juice,
  • cinnamon essential oil.


Without specific aroma; in contact with water exudes delicate coniferous scent.


Light green shadow with scrub particles.

Skin sensations

Ultimate moisturizing and cleansing. Your skin is lighter, softer, smoother.

Direction of use

The soap works well against cellulite and skin stretch marks. After applying to your hands, you instantly feel how clean and soft your skin became. Perfect product for male grooming. Great soap for the bath. Has a soothing effect. Dries up eruptions and rashes. The soap also efficiently removes dead skin from feet.


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