Chilli Pepper and Onion Natural Shampoo Bar


Product Description

Chilli Pepper and Onion Natural Shampoo Bar handmade in Ukraine from cold pressed oils (own-produced). Contains dried Chilli Pepper and fresh onion.


Vegetable oils:

1. refined coconut oil,
2. sunflower oil cold pressed
3. mustard oil (own-produced)
4. carthamus oil (own-produced)
5. camelina oil (own-produced).

Superfat: cannabis oil (own-produced), 3% of total weight of a soap.

Additives: dried chilli pepper, fresh onion, homemade cow milk, honey, citric acid, natural silk.

Odor: subtle pepper to neutral (due to long maturity). No essential oils or artificial odors!

For all skin types.
NO heat treatment!

Net weight: 100 grams.


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