Principles of the LOHAS Philosophy

We thought we’d share some nice and easy tips to help you on your way to being a LOHASIAN (people who do the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). You have probably heard of this concept before, if no, please read here

Back to Class

But we don’t mean hitting the books. Dance, aerobics, tennis, scuba… Get out of the house, get social, and get learning. It’s a big wide world out there and the more you know, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Bin the Bottle

A glass of wine after work or sharing a bottle with friends at dinner are some of life’s pleasures and you certainly don’t need us to be preaching alcohol’s ill effects. Instead, try this simple trick: next time you’re out for a drink with friends, make every other glass of alcohol a glass of water. Your liver will thank you in the morning.

Control the Snooze

Instead of snoozing in the morning, use your time to stretch out your back, legs and neck. It will increase blood flow to your muscles providing you with lots of O2 setting you up nicely for the day.

Break Your Fast

Want to lose weight? Eat breakfast. Skip it, you’ll get hungry long before lunch and be snacking on all the stuff you’re trying to avoid.

On Your Bike

Cycle or walk to the shops, work or to your friend’s house, keeping you healthy while you help reduce our use of fossil fuels.

Meat Free Mondays

Go veggie one day a week, good for you, good for the cows, good for the chickens, good for the sheep and good for the atmosphere which is heating up more from methane just as much as any man made pollutant.

Kick The Can

Sodas are full of sugars and are silently piling on the weight. Replace the majority of your drinks with water and natural, fresh fruit juices and you’ll see dramatic differences in your health, weight and energy levels.

Save a Bunny

Remember that what goes on your body, ends up in your body. Opting for natural and organic cosmetics as much as possible is good for you and for the planet… and more often than not, for research bunnies too.

Big Glug

Drink a big glass of water 45 mins before dinner, it will help aid digestion and you’ll find you eat less as well.

Stop Stuffing

It Down: Stop eating when you feel full. Listen to your body, if you feel full, you are! Put less on your plate, wait 10 minute before ordering the next plate or choosing desert, you might find you don’t need it. Use your gut instinct, literally!

Turn Off the Evil Eye

Click off your appliance at the mains power sockets at night so the little red stand by dot goes off at night saving a 1/3 rd of your power bill each year!

Supermarket Reader

Know what’s in the food packet and you know what’s going in your body. Check your labels for added colour, flavour, salt, sugar, mono saturated fats… avoid where ever possible and you’ll live a longer, healthier and enjoy a more energetic life.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Bring your own coffee mugs and water bottles into work. You’re saving tree’s from being cut for paper cups, piles of waste being crammed into ugly land fills, slowing the use of petro-chemicals for plastic bottles…

Clean it Green

Have you ever thought about using vinegar to clean your home? Use it sparingly and it won’t stink your house up too much, it’ll do the job beautifully and it’s about as environmentally friendly as you can get. Not feeling that brave? Then look around our own LOHASIA Store for a huge range of 100% environmentally friendly house and laundry detergents.

Go Green Baby!

Those stinky diapers are one of the least green things in our daily lives. They’re a terrible land fill contributor and use a massive amount of tree pulp, so switching from paper to cloth will not only help save the planet, but it save you a small fortune in shopping bills!

Your Body, The Temple

Fresh, nutritious, organic meals provide your body with a far better form of fuel than additive-injected, processed foods. Treat your body like a temple, not a trashcan!

Bag It

A huge change in the world can be made if one person uses Eco-friendly bags. Think about all the plastic bags you have ever received. That tremendous stream of plastic bags that are coming into your home and cluttering the place can stop. Eco-friendly bags are easy to find. You can find them for a really sensible price at your local supermarket.

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