Natural Soap Wholesale

Great news! Dobre Mylo now offers wholesale natural soap and shampoo bars. All products are handmade from Ukrainian wildcrafted herbs.

Wholesale handmade soap Minimum Order: 50 kg.
Readiness to ship: 3-5 weeks from order.
Downpayment: 30%.
Payment via Paypal.
Price: from $2 per item of 100 gr. ($20 per kg).
Item weight options: 100 gr, 30 gr (sample size), price TBD.
Packaging: price included, carton boxes.
Language of packaging: English (default), other languages (by request).
Shipping cost: free, paid by seller.

Natural soap wholesale offer covers all items available in stock as well as seasonal proposition. Actual details and the scope of seasonal offer can be further discussed through direct communication.

All products are cold process (no heating) manufactured from our own made oils. We receive vegetable oil ourselves from oil-bearing Ukrainian crops without heating, by direct pressing on a hydraulic oil press.

Soaps available in stock are matured (dried) at least 6 month to the date while those made to order will dry about 4-5 weeks.

Natural soap wholesale are packaged in carton boxes made from ecology friendly materials and dyes.

Please note that we neither use palm or olive oil, not even water. Instead, we add Goat milk, Herbal distillates or Decoctions.

Medicinal herbs and plants are wildcrafted in Ukraine, dried and prepared for use. We use fresh vegetables, fruits juice and puree to be introduced during the saponification process.

The technology of natural handmade soap production:

  • Cold Process in order to preserve vitamins and microelements;
  • Our soap is aged for at least 6 months to obtain a plentiful foam and hardness;
  • All processes conducted and controlled manually.