Alina Tytarenko

Welcome. My name is Alina. Me and my family live in Ukraine, Kyiv region. I have been making making handmade soaps shampoo bars and beauty products for 6 years already. Since 2012, I have been working every day to create truly harmless natural cosmetics and handmade soap, which is called Dobre Mylo. The epitome of Dobre Mylo is widlcrafted herbs and components as well as home made oils for local seeds.

I harvest herbs, tree pitch, plant sap, etc in the Carpathian mountains as well as local woods. I purchase the best organic seeds from local farmers to produce real home made unfiltered oils.

Now our product range includes plenty of products: vegetable oil, natural soap, beldi (bath soap), natural shampoo, hair balm, floral water, as well as gift sets and much more.

I can not imagine the creation of natural cosmetics without the use of clean water and clean air, which gives me my place of residence. It’s far from the city in the village of Vishenky, Boryspil district, Kiev region that I work to create unique and useful natural cosmetics.

I make soaps at home in my kitchen. Basically, the fact that a soap is produced at home is one of the few key factors to creation of harmless cosmetics. Clearly, one would not try to combine chemically active and potentially dangerous components together on the very same kitchen where she prepares family meals. I make all my cosmetics by hand, which gives me a complete control over the production and quality of the future product.

Welcome to my world! Say hello alina.tytarenko@gmail.com

DOBRE MYLO Handmade Natural Soap